Make a tax-deductible donation to support Freelance Artist Relief Australia and help our musicians survive this global and potentially devastating crisis for the performing arts.

Freelance Artist Relief Australia (FARA) has been established in a time of crisis to provide emergency assistance to Australian classical musicians. Whether based at home or around the world, Australian artists are facing an indefinite period of income loss and contract cancellations. Music is an art, a discipline and a lifestyle. Like dancers or athletes, musicians need constant practice to maintain and develop their instrument and repertoire. When the world shut down in March, Australian artists around the world lost months of contracts. Months of practice, rehearsals and performances.

Beyond the immediate financial help to enable artists to survive during this time, FARA is fighting for our fragile ecosystem of musicians to survive this crisis. Whether they are young and just starting their careers, or are established artists, all of them have lost months of work. This will threaten the capacity of many to be able to stay in this industry after years, perhaps decades of training, dedication and experience. Losing these artists would represent a tragic loss of artistry and endanger, more broadly, the vibrancy of the performing arts sector, now and into the future.

If you love music and opera, the best way to help at the moment is to make donations to ensure artists will still be there on the other side of this crisis, ready to bring their roles back to life and to perform for you once again.

For more information, please contact:

Anna d’Ersu - Director of Development


Phone: +61 4 88 011 713

Please be aware that PayPal donations will incur a service fee. Thank you for your understanding and for your donation.